Stoked on Fishing


Shea McIntee

Executive Producer

Growing up in Southern California Shea was either surfing or fishing. Shea’s dad Patrick handed him a cane poll before the bottle. Next in line was the 2-day saltwater trips that introduced Shea and his brother Ryan to the offshore scene. From a kid through his teenage years Shea had a passion for the sport of fishing and had to be in or around the water at all times. 

At the age of 18 Shea purchased his first video camera and traveled to Costa Rica on a surf trip with his friend Sam and his dad Robert August from the classic film “Endless Summer”. After fun filming the trip and re-living the memories with friends at home Shea was fascinated with video. A year later at the age of 19 Shea learned how to edit, which quickly turned into a passion along filming.

2 decades later and thousands of hours of editing experience Shea had worked very hard and finally chased down his passionate dream. In 2005 Shea McIntee Productions was born, a professional production company that specializes in producing outdoor adventures.

From 2008 – 2012 Shea teamed up with a legend in the fishing industry Executive Producer Michael Fowlkes if Inside Sportfishing TV. Shea traveled around the globe filming, editing, and producing over 45 episodes for Inside Sportfishing TV.

From 2012 – 2013 Shea has taken his experience and talents and has been traveling the world producing fishing show for his own show called Stoked On Fishing.

When Shea is not producing shows for Stoked On Fishing he finds time to work with several charities including Olive Crest Children’s hospital, Wounded Warriors Foundation, Free Wheelchair Mission, and the Cepia Foundation / Costa Rica.

Andrew Pereira

CEO – Stoked On Fishing

For the people that know Andrew, they have all heard Andrew say: “There is never been a day in my life, where I have not been striving towards something I desire”. 

Early in life, Andrew Pereira knew he would be a businessman. Thanks to his father (Lawrence Pereira) Andrew had been exposed to sports early in life. Not only does he enjoys being a team player, he also enjoys a challenge. From the age of three he was introduced to fishing, whether it was on the beach, a lake, or on a charter boat, this was something he knew would always be part of his life. At the age of 26, Andrew purchase his first boat and has never looked back.

Andrew has been a successful business owner since the early age of 21 years of age. He has extensive knowledge in building successful businesses. At this point in his life, Andrew has devoted himself to building a business that includes his passion of fishing.

He is a USCG licensed captain, and skippers the Stoked On Fishing Yacht, he is a partner in Stoked on Fishing Inc, and the business manager of the Stoked On Fishing TV show since its inception. Nothing brings him more joy than to be part of the Stoked On Fishing team.

Ryan McIntee

First off, I’m much cooler than my brother. With that out of the way I do want to tell you why I love fishing. When my brother and I were just little kids our dad was a hardcore fisherman. As far back as I can remember he was always getting ready for a trip, working in the garage on his reels, or sitting in the backyard reading the western with his favorite beverage in hand. Lucky for us he was always eager to teach us something new about the passion he loved. 35 years later I’m stoked more than ever on fishing and continue to learn something new each time out on the water. It’s the simple enjoyment that I get when I go fishing. It makes me smile. From the preparation I enjoy of planning when and where I’m going fishing to just being out on the water. Fresh or salt it doesn’t matter. Hey, when you catch em it’s great but when you don’t, remember your still blessed enough just to be able to go fishing! Were all in this same club together so lets respect one another and please do our parts in taking care of our mother ocean, rivers, lakes and streams.



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